6 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress RIGHT NOW (P.S. Buy A Stress Ball!)

Are you stressed? 75% of adults worldwide are reporting moderate to high levels of stress daily. There has to be a solution for that! What are the best scientific methods to deal with stress and anxiety? How can you genuinely relax your mind and body?

Number One: Chewing


chewing gif

A Japanese study found that those who chewed twice a day for two weeks increased their feelings of well-being. Other study participants who chewed gum while being subjected to a stress inducing task also show lower levels of cortisol in their saliva than those who didn’t have gum. And not because of the ingredients in the gum, but simply from the act of chewing known as mastication. This repetitive motion is directly related to increased activity in the cerebral area of the brain and relaxation.

Number Two: Laughing


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Common saying is that laughter is the best medicine… And turns out it’s also the stress medicine! When we laugh, our oxygen intake increases, stimulating the release of endorphins. Studies even show that simply waiting to see a funny movie can increase beta endorphin levels by 27% and decrease stress hormone levels in bloodstream. After a hilarious film participants had lower level of the stress hormone Chromogranin A in their saliva.

Number Three: Making Out


movie date

While you’re at the movies, why not make out with someone? It decreases cortisol and increases oxytocin from the pituitary gland in the brain creating feelings of attachment, bonding, contentment and security. Study shows that participants who kissed their partners regularly over six weeks has lowered blood cholesterol level.

Number Four: Nature


nature forest

Time spent in nature or even a simple house plant can lower stress levels. In 1982 the Japanese government started a campaign called Shinrin Yoku promoting the benefits of spending time in the forest for this purpose. In just one short visit to the forest cortisol levels, heart rate and blood pressure have all been shown to decrease!

Number Five: Pets


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If you can get or being near a pet, do it! Having a dog correlates to lower scores on anxiety tests 12% compared to 21% for those without one and being in the presence of a friendly dog has been shown to lower cortisol levels and increase oxytocin…

pet puppy dog gif

…not to mention how handsome it looks in a bow tie!

Number Six: Stress Ball


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Finally, there is a simple way to relax and get focused by squeezing a stress ball. Stress ball toy has scientifically proven anti-stress and muscle relaxation properties, is easily accessible and comes in different designs, making it fun to play with. Ohsquishy.com has hand-picked variety of stress balls that we believe are interesting choices! Have a look, pick some and stay calm. Squish, after squish, after squish… 💆

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