Fabulous Ways to Squish Up Your Phone

Our Squishy Phone Case Collection Will Leave You Dazzled!

Cheer up my friends because it’s your phone’s lucky day. It’s beyond doubt that a squishy phone case adds unmatched flare to your otherwise boring phone. And if you’re a phony like me (I mean that in the positive way) then you already know there are a million reasons to take your phone to the squishy side, otherwise check my Top 3 Reasons to do it. Now, enough chitchat and let’s get down to business, here are my favourite squishy phone case categories:

#1 Kitties

These adorable creatures are on the top of the cuteness scale. Everything about them is so lovable, their big innocent eyes that make you wanna stare at them for eternity, their soft and mellow paws that bring instant joy at their touch, or their snuggle that just makes your heart tingle. All these beautiful traits are doubled with power of kawaii: a cat shaped squishy is a gift from heaven, especially when you can have it with you at all times as a squishy phone case. This way you will have your kitty buddy with you to squish whenever you wish.

kitty paw squishy phone case samsung

Kitty Paw Squishy Phone Case

#2 Arctic

It’s no secret that when you think about arctic animals you think cuteness right away. I mean is there anything cuter than a small arctic bear white as snow or a baby seal playful as the rainbow?! Still, it only gets cuter with our arctic squishy phone cases, there is plenty for you to choose from and each one is cuter than the other. Put the arctic squishy on the back of your phone and you’ll have something to press whenever you stress.

Arctic Squishy Phone Case for Android and IPhone

Arctic Squishy Phone Case

#3 Farm

A small fluffy bunny, a cute little pink piggy or a fuzzy tiny chick… I bet you feel warm inside just at the thought of these adorable mini animals. There is just something about farm animals that brings out our nurturing side. But beware, these little squishy fellows will put you at a tough spot because you won’t be be able to decide which one is cuter. But whichever you chose to be your phone buddy, you’ll always have something to grasp whenever you ask.

Rabbit Squishy Phone Case

Mochi Rabbit Squishy Phone Case


There’s more!

Those were my top squishy phone case categories, but there is more for you to choose from at our Squishy Phone Case Collection. Pick yours and tell me what you like most about it in the comments. Squish you soon!

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