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What is a squishy toy?

Plainly put, its anything… squishy. But this much you already know, so lets narrow it down a little!
A squishy toy is a small soft toy that comes in various shapes and designs. They can easily be squeezed with little force and automatically pop back into form after squeezing it. The softness of the squishy toy and the speed with which it pops back into form depends on which material is used for the specific squishy toy.

What is a squishy made of?

Squishies are made out of polyurethane (PU), which is the same fabric used to make sponges and foam. As there is many sorts of foam and sponges, such as:
Density foam,
Memory foam,
Cushion foam,
Kitchen Sponge,
there is also a wide variety of squishies made out of different sorts of foam to suit the desired texture and squishiness.

If you prefer a squishy that pops back into form fast, then a sponge squishy will serve the purpose best, whereas if you prefer a squishy you can mold a little more and that pops into form slower, a memory foam squishy would be your preferred choice.

Where do squishies come from?

Dating back up to 30 years ago (!), squishies came from Japan where they were originally named kawaii squishy. Kawaii literally means “cuteness” in Japanese, and squishy part of the name comes from their squishy feeling. The origin of the squishies is reflected in the typical design of the squishies, which is often related to Japanese pop culture, anime, animals, or foods.

What types of squishies are there?

As everything cute can become a good squishy design, there is a huge variety of squishy types.

Squishies vary depending on their size. The most popular squishy size types are super jumbo, jumbo, regular and mini.


cartoon emoji face squishy


Panda Bun SquishyJumbo

Pink strawberry squishy

Super Jumbo

super jumbo double scoop ice cream squishy

Food squishies

are a major type of squishy toys. They range broadly from regular food like fruit, bread, hamburger, fries, toast, to beverage like soda can and coffee cup, to desert-like: cake, macaron, muffin, donut, ice cream and sweets in general, to more traditional asian dishes like sushi or Chinese dumplings.

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Food squishies

Animal squishies

are big chunk of the squishy family with cats, bears and pandas among most desired squishy choices.


Shop Animal Squishies
Animal squishies

Mythical and Magic

is a fun type of squishy toys with unicorns being the most diverse and inspirational squishy designs.


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Mythical and Magic

Character squishies

Another popular series is character squishies featuring Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma bear, Totoro and Minions among others.

Character squishies

Galaxy and rainbow

Galaxy and rainbow squishies are squishy toys of all types with applied galaxy or rainbow themes. Check out our article on Squishies From The Outer Space for more interstellar info! 👩‍🚀

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Galaxy and rainbow

Squishy Phone cases

Squishy phone cases are a new bestseller and squishy category. Designed for iPhone and Android squishy phone cases characterise by having tiny silicone squishy on it.

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Squishy Phone cases

What is a scented squishy?

Scented squishies release a specific odour when squeezed. This is a new edition of squishies that are made with an integrated odour to match the design of the squishy. That adds a new dimension to the stress releasing impact of the squishies, and some people prefer this added feature.

What are squishies for?

The squishies are often used as stress relief toys for kids as well as adults. They can be used in many different ways, and it’s up to the individual user to choose their purpose, but they are often used by applying a little pressure so they are slowly squeezed, followed by releasing the pressure and feeling the Squishies expand.

Why are squishies stress relieving?

Thanks to cute design and soft slow rising texture, squishies have proven to have anti stress and anti anxiety qualities, releasing dopamine (known as molecule of happiness) rush to the brain. Additionally, pressing soft foamy texture stimulates the brain to relieve muscular tension and release endorphins that minimise cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the blood. As a consequence squeezer can enjoy significant mood improvement.


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