No Matter Your Taste, Jumbo Got You Covered!

We Go Big with our Big Squishies!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about to get big. Well, you love your squishies in bigger proportions and you came to the right place. Our Jumbo Squishies collection has plenty to offer, from bunnies to popcorn and more. Check out our top Jumbo Squishy categories:

#1 Delicious squishies

I love food, you love food, everybody loves food (by the way I am not showing off my conjugation skills I am just stating a fact). And when it comes to squishies, who in their right mind would say no to such angelic creatures?! But what’s even more appealing is food shaped Jumbo Squishies that are simply eye candy. Squishies have never looked yummier and when you smell their luscious scent you will definitely go bananas. Pick yours because these mind appetizers will kick your stress away and kick up your mood, so that you can just kick back and enjoy.

pink popcorn squishy

Pink Popcorn Squishy

#2 Adorable squishies

A lot of us animal lovers out there can’t help but adore animals. The joy they bring, the unconditional love and the unmatched loyalty are all reasons to treasure these lovely creatures. But it gets even lovelier when taking the cuteness of an animal and sprinkling it with a big touch of kawaii, the result is beauty to the eye and soul. The Jumbo Animal Squishy will always be there to brighten your day, lighten your mood and give you its jumbo love, big time!

ibloom bunny squishy

Ibloom Bunny Squishy

#3 Magical squishies

The beauty of a myth is that it symbolizes everything extraordinary. It goes beyond reason and dives into the world of imagination. OhSquishy took a trip to that world of marvels and brought to reality the Jumbo Mythical Squishies. Believe your eyes because what used to be a myth is now only a squish away for you to savor the fantastic powers and sublime squishiness. The Jumbo Mythical Squishy is simply out of this world.

blue unicorn squishy

Blue Unicorn Squishy

Which Jumbo Squishy took the biggest place in you heart?

Hope you enjoyed my favorite Jumbo Squishy list, don’t hesitate to tell me yours in the comments. See you in the next article and until then, big love for you big squishy lovers!

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