Stay Cute With Kawaii Emoji Squishies

Kawaii literally means “cute” in Japanese and this term is commonly used also outside of Japan. Wondering why are the kawaii emoji squishy toys special?

If everything around you seems dull and boring, bring a little bit of joy and cuteness in your life with kawaii emoji squishy toys! If you’re unfamiliar with the term “kawaii”, it literally means “cute” in Japanese and it’s commonly used also outside of Japan. So why are the kawaii emoji squishy toys special? They have adorable faces that resemble emoji emoticons, that are used in daily conversations via smartphones. They’ll remind you of your friends and your funny conversations and bring back some great memories. Do they have any extra powers? You might also want to use them to show your emotions if you’re not interested in talking with someone 😉

What are some of the best kawaii emoji squishy toys? Check them out below!

Emoji Toast Squishy

squishy bread toast slow rising

If you love food and you love to relax, you’ll love this emoji toast squishy that makes the best faces while being squished!

Mini Totoro Bun Squishy

mini totoro bun squishy

These little Totoro squishy faces are definitely hard to resist… or squish. Which one would you choose?

Cartoon Face Bun Squishy

cartoon emoji face squishy

Simple, yet full of emotions. Make sure to grab a couple face bun emoji squishies for different occasions! They might come in handy when you want to show how you really feel 😉 Or squish away the bad emotions!

Mini Emoji Bread Bun Squishy

Mini Emoji Bread Bun Squishy

These bread bun squishies surely look fun and delicious, and who doesn’t love bread? You might want to grab a snack afterwards!

Mini Rainbow Poo Scented Squishy

funny poo squishy

Scented Squishy is always funny, but this one is not just that. The rainbow poo squishy is magical, glittery, cute and… smells delicious…! Probably the most glamorous poop you’ll ever encounter.

Jumbo Hamburger Emoji Squishy

hamburger squishy

For the hamburger lovers. Try not to eat the jumbo hamburger emoji squishy even if it can almost be impossible to resist these little cuties! Yum.


If you’re still looking for the perfect kawaii emoji squishy for yourself, make sure to check out for more cuteness and awesomeness. You won’t be disappointed! Stay tuned for more kawaii squishies.

Looking for your next or first squishy?

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