The Heavenly Pink Unicorn Squishy

We get up-close and personal with our Star Squishy

Pink Unicorn Squishy

Pink Unicorn Squishy

Brace yourselves my friends because cuteness is about to reach a whole new level. Presenting the Pink Unicorn Squishy, the best manifestation of kawaii that gives you endless reasons to love it. If you’re a fan of squishies, get ready to be swept off your feet, and if not then thank your lucky stars because you’re about to discover love at first sight. Here are my top 3 reasons to adore the Pink Unicorn Squishy:

It’s Pink!

kawaii pink happy

I am not trying to be Captain Obvious here, I know you can recognize colours just fine, so hold your horses! What I’m trying to say though is that among all colours, pink has one particularity that plays in the benefit of our famous Unicorn Squishy. The colour pink is known to reduce stress and spread calm and tranquillity. What is more stunning is that this particular range of the spectrum is claimed to “reduce hostile, violent and aggressive behaviour” as suggests a research by Alexander Schauss. So, what might seem as a mere colour is actually a huge superiority to the kawaii toy’s advantage. Squish your pink and all your troubles shall sink.

It’s Mystical!

kawaii magic unicorn

Do I really have to explain this point to you?! I mean, it’s a Unicorn, for rainbow’s sake! It’s that magical creature that captivated mankind since the dawn of time, present in dreams and fairy tales but never to be seen. It’s that fantastic beauty, unique look and unparalleled majesty that people of all ages can’t help but feel mesmerized by. It is the ultimate human fantasy incarnated in the form of a squishable cute thing that can do wonders, squishy wonders that is. People have dreamed for so long about unicorns and today what used to be only imagination is within grasp, literally.

It’s Cute!

pink unicorn squishy

Have you ever heard the saying “cute as Unicorn Squishy”? Most likely no, simply because I just came up with it in the hopes of making it popular. So do your share and spread the word! Nevertheless, the Unicorn Squishy is indeed a synonym of cuteness. Look at its big round eyes of a blueish sky and try to hold in your “aww”. It is a concrete representation of all meanings enclosed by the word kawaii. The Pink Unicorn Squishy is so cute that it’s cuter than cuteness itself. Go ahead, ask cuteness! She’ll agree.

What do you like most about the Pink Unicorn Squishy ??

It’s soothingly pink, it’s magically mystical and it’s adorably cute. Simply it’s the Pink Unicorn Squishy. Get yours and tell us what is your favourite quality about it. Hugs and squishes!

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